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All products created under our brands are made only from natural milk under the strict control of our experts.

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Molochnaya familiya
Dairy brand of Udmurtia
Traditional dairy brand of Tatarstan
Federal brand
Molochnaya familiya


Dairy brand of Udmurtia

Natural, high quality, affordable

Milkovo is the very first brand of the Uva-milk plant. In 2022, a rebranding took place - traditional quality is now in a new bright package!

In 2022, the company received the right to apply the Russian Quality Mark on the packaging of Milkovo butter 72.5%, 180 g.

Main sales region:

Whole milk products, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, semi-hard, soft and processed cheeses

Udmurt republic


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of the market

in dairy categories

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National traditional dairy brand of Tatarstan

Cultural affiliation. Culture in modern interpretation

Designed for any taste preferences of customers, from classic dairy and sour-milk products to national Tatar products such as kort and katyk.

The products received Halal status, which indicates the naturality of production, without the use of artificial components and harmful dyes in production.

Main sales region:

Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, katyk, ayran, semi-hard, soft and processed cheeses

Republic of Tatarstan


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in the KATIK category

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Molochnaya familia

Federal brand of functional dairy products

Family consumption.
Enriched foods

The brand is based on the history of our family business and the Uva-moloko factory. By releasing this brand, we strive to support other families by providing them with quality, natural and delicious products.

The first product of Molochnaya familiya trademark– thermostatic yogurt in a branded glass with a volume of 125 g.

Main sales region:

Product line in development

Moscow and Moscow Region

The development of classic products is carried out both in a convenient format for family consumption, and with interesting components, such as: black truffle, avocado, chanterelles, walnuts.

Dairy products

for the B2B segment

MLK Group manufactures B2B segment products in the categories of fat and oil products, block cheeses, dry dairy products

MLK GROUP is one of the leaders in the production of dry products: we produce 14 thousand tons per year

Sales regions:

Oil and fat products, block cheeses, dry dairy products

All regions of the Russian Federation

In assortment:
Dry products (WMP, SMP, whey), packing: 25 kg
Spreads 72.5% and 82.5%, packing: monolith, bricket
Cheese products, packing: block, bar
Butter GOST, packing: monolith
Cheese GOST, packing: euroblock, block

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Office address in Izhevsk:

426004, Udmurt Republic,
Izhevsk, st. Lenina, 45,
BC "Udmurtia"

Office address in Moscow:

119619, Moscow, Presnenskaya emb. 12, Tower Federation-East, 29th floor, office A 26

+7 (3412) 66-85-70
Opening hours from 8.00 to 17.00

+7 (3412) 66-85-70
Opening hours from 9.00 to 18.00

MLK Group is the largest milk processor in Russia. We care about consumers and produce only natural products.

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